Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Something for Everyone

It's almost like there is an activity for everybody who would want to improve academically, culturally, professionally, physically, and spiritually. And these activities are always conceived to contribute towards an atmosphere of serious study or work, self-improvement, generosity and concern for helping others. All directed to prepare young men to responsible manhood, parenthood, and citizenship - and ultimately to the realization of a full and ideal Christian life.

To provide the best possible conditions for carrying out such activities, Isiuwa makes available ample facilities which include, among others, study rooms, classrooms, a conference room, library, a computer room, and a chapel.


Body-and-Soul Fitness

But, of course, involvement in all these academic, cultural and professional activities will ultimately not find much relevance and significance to the students with an unfit body and an undisciplined mind.

That's why Isiuwa also encourages activities (depending on the initiatives and interest of the students and young professional men) this time meant to exert the body and not the mind. Like perennial "mountain climbing", football, swimming and adventurous excursions.

To complete this academic, cultural, professional and physical formation, Isiuwa, likewise, offers activities intended for the development of the spiritual life. Such as separate days of recollection for different age groups, classes in doctrinal topics, chats  with the Centre chaplain, Saturday conferences, out-of-town seminars, and study circles on human and Christian formation.