Saturday, January 18, 2020
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Cultural Forum in Isiuwa Study Centre

It was a bright and sunny afternoon in Benin City when the guest lecturer arrived at Isiuwa Study Centre. The guest, Engr. F.A. U. Imouokhome, a senior lecturer of the Department of Computer Science was invited to give a get-together on: Knowledge, news and distraction: permanent connection as a threat to productivity and efficiency. This is in preparation for the Pre-Univ conference an inter-university encounter among undergraduates from various Nigeria universities. The venue of the definitive conference is usually the Iroto Conference Centre of ECS.


Engr. Imouokhome started by explaining the specific concepts to be expected in the session. He gave personal examples to illustrate how a professional academic strives for update in current developments in the field, making use of the Internet and emerging information technology. In this way it is easy not to fall into the temptation of recycling lecture notes yearly. He classified knowledge into good and bad, showing that bad knowledge will lead a person, especially the covetous, into doing evil to get rich. He also told the story of his career path and highlighted the factors which informed his decision to study Civil Engineering, and end up teaching Computer Science.

He continually stressed the need to moderate the use of the internet, even though he acknowledged that the term moderate could be relative for different persons. According to him, one should have concrete purpose on borowsing the net, in other to increase efficiency. Engr. Imouokhome entertained numerous questions from his curious audience, taking advantage of the occasion to enlighten the minds further and challenging youths to higher ideals.  At the end of the get-together, it was only natural that the participants excitedly posed for a group photograph with the guest.

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