Isiuwa offer young men human, social and professional training: giving them the tools that they need to be better men.


The Centre provides an atmosphere conducive for study, offers a wide range of formal and informal academic tutorials


It helps to contribute to the mission of the Church, by promoting among Christians a life fully consistent with their faith.


Isiuwa is dedicated to seeing a new generation of young men with integrity, high moral standards and positive systems.


Isiuwa offer young men human, social and professional training

Isiuwa offer young men human, social and professional training: giving them the tools that they need to be academically excellent, responsible citizens, God fearing individuals and future professionals. Isiuwa is dedicated to seeing a new generation of young men with integrity, high moral standards and positive systems.


Uncover the essence of Catholic Church teachings, delve into sacred traditions, theological principles, and core doctrines. Engage in enlightening discussions and embark on a transformative journey.

Every Saturday
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Join us every Saturday as we pray before the blessed sacrament. This period is a time to tell our Lord our inner most thoughts and come to the realization that we are all sons of our fathers.

Every Saturday
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Join us every Saturday as we adore our Lord in the most Holy Eucharist, he is our God and Lord and we as his children's are called to give him all the glory of praise that is worthy of him. Join us.

Every Saturday
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Join us for a day of transformative recollection: a sacred gathering for reflection and prayer. Discover renewed faith and purpose in moments of dedicated introspection. A good way to pray for all.

Every First Saturday
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Annual long retreat: Embark on a transformative journey of prayer, reflection, and spiritual growth. Discover inner peace and ignite your spiritual path. Reserve your spot today.

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Join us in an immersive Study Marathon to unlock your academic potential. Conquer challenges, embrace diligent study, and achieve academic excellence. Enroll now for a transformative intellectual journey.

Every Saturday
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Experience our exceptional facilities – where hardwork and deligence converge. Embrace excellence in unforgettable surroundings. Join us today!

Isiuwa Study Centre Library
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Isiuwa Study Centre Chapel
Isiuwa Study Centre Activity Room
Activity room
Isuiwa study Centre has been a blessing to me, in regards to my position as the class rep of my dept. I see the centre as an oasis to regain my academic, mental and spiritual growth. I do appreciate those involved in the activities.
300 Class rep, Quantity Surveying.
Moving forward, I am grateful to God for coming in contact with the Centre. Meeting fellow students who turned out to be real friends helped me in the best way possible. I am most grateful for the spiritually formative experiences and how they are helping me stay connected to God.
Bsc. Business administration
I first heard about Isiuwa study centre in 2017. When I eventually overcame my inertia and went there, I fell in love with was the serenity of the centre immediately. A peaceful aura that also radiated from the people I met there. Over the next few years, through the centre, I attended a retreat, conferences, seminars, leadership camps, recollections, doctrinal classes and more, all of which have impacted positively on me. I am truly grateful for the centre, a place created for young men like myself to study, be educated, be spiritually formed and make long-lasting friendships.
A profile picture of ALEXANDER NNAMDI ANUKAM​
BSc. Plant Biology and Biotechnology
Although the building and environment always felt calming and the library and study marathons saved me from failing some courses, I was always most fascinated by the people I found there. I met people that truly struggled to do better and be better people for our Lord. I made friends that weren't scared to be my moral compass and rein me in when I was going astray. I got brothers with whom I could genuinely share the complex thoughts in my head without fear of judgement and celebrate my major milestones.
A pic of Alexander Inoma​
Alexander Inoma
B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering
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