The Best Time To Start Again Is Now!

Getting It Right; Never Too Late

Students during a seminar event event held at isiuwa study Centre
Students during a seminar event event held at isiuwa study Centre

“It is never too late to start again” This was how Engr. Osamudiamen Efosa started his session at the seminar event title “Getting It Right; Never Too Late” that held at the Isiuwa study Centre on the 12th of August 2023. It was well attended by over 25 people who were students of the university of Benin.

The seminar started with a mini game where the participants where asked to write ideas that come to their mind on the spot and that when one goes through what he has written down he would find patterns about what bothers him most.

The seminar was engaging with the guest speaker Engr. Efosa taking about his early days in the university how he was able to balance his time and discovered what suited him the most which played a major role in him deciding his career plans.

He also stressed that no one is toll late to discover for himself what his plan in life is to be and that NOW is always the best time to start again in working for the future.

He also gave practical advise on how the students can prepare for study and exams and also engaged in career enriching skills while still in the university, he made the students realize that there is no limit to what one can achieve but only if one is ready to take up the tasks.

After the main session the students asked him lots of real life applicable questions on how to go about issues being faced in the university and the professional world by students and by young and recent graduates.

At the end of the event one of the attendees gave a vote of thanks to empress the appreciation of all that were present. There were photo shots after the final words and a mini networking session where people exchange contacts, both among themselves and also with the speaker.

For many students it was their first experience at the Isiuwa study Centre, while for others it was a regular for them. Many of the students were happy about such opportunities being provided by the Centre to help them in their academic and professional pursuit.

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